Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Petition against Government Run Health Care


Chris sent this email out last night and I thought that he said it so well and that it was important enough to post it on my blog. If you are interested please read below and follow the link. Please share this information with people that you know. I hope that we can get enough people to become more aware of what is happening with our heath care. And I pray that we will be able to make a difference and stop this from going any further.

At the bottom of this post there is a link to a website that has a video that talks about who the uninsured in America is. Please check that out as well.



Hi All,
I usually don’t get involved with emailing groups of people regarding different political issues. However, with the recent direction that our elected leaders have been taking the size and scope of our government, I feel an increasing duty to stand up and at least try to make a difference. With the recent “Energy Bill” narrowly passing the House, it is imperative that we, as citizens, not only become better educated in regards to what Washington is doing which, in a very real way, will affect many aspects of our personal rights and freedoms, on which America was founded, but to also make our voices heard. Currently there is legislation being formulated to “reform” our health care system, which will have significant negative impacts on our health care. There is a nationwide effort to make our voices heard by signing a petition and delivering it to our elected officials in Washington. While there isn’t much we can do when certain legislation that we don’t agree with is being purposed, signing a petition is one of the few. Let us at least do this, it only takes a minute and it may have an impact (as did the big uproar when Immigration Reform was on the agenda).

Here is the link to the page for the petition:


Please encourage all those you can to become educated in regards to this particular issue and sign the petition listed above. I do truly believe that if we, as Americans, sit idly by as our self-serving representatives push their agendas and the agendas of special interest groups, we will one day, in the near future, wake up to an America that we don’t want for ourselves and we certainly don’t want for our children. Whether you are Republican, Democrat, Independent or any other political affiliation, please put that aside and take the time to go and sign this petition to tell our politicians that we want a common sense solution that will actually reduce costs (and thereby making it more “universal”) while maintaining and improving the quality of our current system and staying out of our lives. Congress has a goal, shared by the President, to try to push this through to the President’s desk in a very short matter of time (we are talking a matter of weeks), which in and of itself, is irresponsible. You don’t completely overhaul a health care system in a matter of weeks, no matter what your ultimate goal. Please sign, if for nothing else, to hopefully allow for more time for discussion and debate, to hopefully prolong and prevent their reckless ambition to push their agenda.

This petition is gaining momentum, over 510,000 have signed last time I have checked, this included an impressive 40,000+ in one day. (Go here to check the ticker: http://www.freeourhealthcarenow.com/Numbers.php)

If you have any questions regarding this, I’ll try to answer them. If there are any of you who would like to debate me on whether “universal”, government-ran health care is right for our country… don’t. Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,
Chris Turley

For those that would like a few more little tidbits of information regarding this matter:

According to the Census Bureau - 46 million people are Uninsured, of which the following is true:
17 million make more than $50k/year and CHOOSE not to have health care for whatever reason
9 Million of these earn over $74k/year
14 million are eligible for Medicaid or SCHIP, but just haven’t taken the time to sign up
A few more million for illegal immigrants who don’t buy insurance (who knows what this number really is)
This leaves you with a much lower number of around 15million (without accounting for illegal immigrants, which would put it closer to probably 5-7 million), which is still a lot of people but it is no where near the 45 million that politicians and agenda-driven groups love to quote

Better survival rate than Europe for 13 of the 16 most common cancers
One Quick Example - Prostate Cancer
U.S. Survival rate – 91.9%
France – 73.7
Great Britain - 51.1%

The Great Britain “National Health Care Office” yearly cancels over 100,000 procedures due to “cost” issues (I thought Socialized medicine was free and “universal” for everyone...)

Over 1 million Brits are currently waiting to be Admitted to a hospital for some type of care with an additional 200,000 waiting to get on the waiting list (a 45 minute wait at a doctors office doesn’t sound so bad…)

In 2003, when there was unusually hot summer, over in 37,000 people died in Europe due to overcrowded hospitals. 37,000 people, that is insane!

In Canada, over 800,000 people, out of a population of 33 million are on a waiting list for more than 18 weeks, which even for the socialized medicine standards of Canada is twice as long as what is consider clinically reasonable.
If you put this into perspective for the size of our population, it would be like every single person in L.A., Chicago and Seattle on a waiting list, that would be over 7 million Americans on waiting lists if we were to have the same type of system as Canada.

Doctor shortages in Canada, due to the fact that Canadian doctors make 58% less than U.S. doctors make.

In 2006 The Prime Minister of Italy came to the U.S. for his heart surgery. He must have not heard that health care is free in his country…

In the proposed House bill, a new federal health board will decide whether your health care is "effective" or "appropriate."

According to Tom Daschle (one of our politicians), the idea is based on Britain's model which has determined that one year of life is worth only $44,000. I can see where this is going, can you? From what I understand, many types of treatments for disease costs more than $44,000 in a year. Makes you wonder...

The subcommittee in the House, where this health care reform bill was introduced, the first draft was introduced at about midnight on a day last week. They took a vote that morning. The vote went down party lines, with 3 or 4 Dems defecting to vote against, sighting that they haven’t had time to read it (who can read a 1,000+ page bill given only a few hours in the middle of the night). Can this really be good for America, passing health care reform in the cover of darkness?

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, NCPA, & The Fox News Channel

If you have 9 minutes, watch this video, it may open your eyes:


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Karstin taking swim lessons!

For the month of June Karstin has been taking swim lessons at the Payne Institute. He absolutly loves his instructor Zane! He has come a long way from his first lesson. Day one went something like this...

Zane: Okay Karstin lets put our head under the water. Now hold your breath"
Karstin: No.

Okay so I don't know exactly what was said and it probably wasn't that bad, but one thing about Karstin is that he is not afraid to tell you NO if he doesn't want to do it or doesn't feel comfortable doing it. It is one of the things I love about him as well as something that is frustrating!

Here is Karstin jumping in to Zane. Now on the first day he would not jump in unless Zane was holding on to both of his hands. Zane would tell him to jump and Karstin would wait patiently for Zane to grab his hands before he would jump in.

Look his head is in the water!

Now this is Karstin with Laura. He likes Laura, but when Zane can't make it he looks around for Zane and is a little sad that he isn't there!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I am Alive!!

Okay so I feel like I have no time for the computer anymore. I hardly log in to facebook and I haven't logged on to blogger in what seems like years, but I am alive, just busy!

Regan is now 10 months old. She is small so most people think she is like 6 months old and yes she still wears some 6 month old clothing so I can see why people think that. She is my little monkey! She climbs on everything. The other day she climb on top of a shelf in our entertainment center in my office! The shelf rolls out so she was able to sit and then STAND on this safe (I say sarcastically) shelf and then pound on the TV, which was playing one of her all time favorites, Baby Einstein. So as you can see this is what happens when Mom is trying to check her email and thinks that she will be safe to do so while her lovely peaceful little girl is sitting quietly (deceiving) watching a movie!

Karstin....well he is such a good boy! He has such an imagination. He will be playing house which is his favorite thing to do and I'll hear him say "Mom!" "Mooommm!" and then I say Karstin I heard you the first time....what is it! Geez (right!) He then turns to me and says..."I wasn't talking to you." Oh...my bad! Ya so he is content at times to play by himself and his makebelieve family....Now at other times I will be walking around the house doing whatever and as I stop I feel a little thump on my back (Well more towards my bum!) and as I turn around Karstin smiles at me and says..."I am following you around the house Mom!"

So as you can imagine my days are filled up rather nice with two wonderful little kids. Now you might be asking how I am able to write this rather long post....where are my kids?? Well Regan is taking a nap and Karstin is playing pretend (Mom is not required to participate)...but wait I hear a frustrated boy in the living room...so I must go save the day!

Friday, March 13, 2009

My Happy little girl!

So Regan is now 7 months old and well on her way to being eight months old. I can't believe how big she has gotten. She is crawling all over the house! She is usually coming after me because I left the room! Well I am glad I was able to catch her being so sweet.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Karstin Chillin' in front of the TV!

Okay so Karstin has been sick all this week. He started to have a cough on Sunday night and it still hasn't gone away. Well I decided to keep him home from school on Tuesday. So I convinced him that having a movie marathon was total awesome! So we went down to blockbuster and rented a movie with the in-store exchange deal that we have by doing the online thing (gotta love it).

Man was he excited to do a movie marathon.

Karstin: Mom, we have got to go down to the 'movie store' and see if they have any movie marathons!

How cute is that. I then explained in more detail what a movie marathon is!

Okay to explain the picture:

He found one of his hockey gloves and was looking for the other one, but came across a tiger costume for halloween (well just the jacket) and decided that he needed to put it on. I was doing the laundry and when I came back into my office I found him sitting like that watching his movie. I just had to snap a picture of it!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A little Older....

Okay so today I am 27! Now if you ask me how old I am in a few months maybe even in a few days I will have to think about it. I don't keep track because age does not see to be to important to me anymore. When I was younger there were a few age milestones

8- you get baptized
12- you get to go to YW & girls camp
14- you get to go to church dances and snuggle up to cute guys---wahoo!
16- you get to drive
18- you get to make your own choices & move out & live on your own (which both were very important to this little rebel!
21- I got my braces off---Which if you had seen me BB (before Braces) you would understand how great this was!

After that things just happen. I got married, had kids & am now in the groove of life. I love being in the groove of life! Life is great. I wouldn't have my life any different. My life is far from perfect and there are things that can change, things about myself and my imperfections, but the fundamentals of my life like my God & my family... I am content. And if I have those two things then I am good, I am happy.

God has blessed my life.

Well last night we went out to dinner to my all time favorite Italian restaurant, Anzio's Landing. This place has the best food in my book. It is a little pricey, which is why we go for special occasions and since I got to pick.... It was of course terrific. If I could only make food that good I might not stop eating!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hilary Weeks "My Favorite Things"

 Okay My sister Celeste had this on her blog. I got a real kick out of this. There are days that I feel just like this!